Coyote Peak, California

January 2004
A hike along the Coyote Peak Trail in Santa Teresa, California. Some interesting views of Silicon Valley from up there.

February 2004
My first trip to Maui. What a great place. Walked through a volcano crater, rented a surfboard and rode some waves, hiked to some waterfalls, swam in sacred pools, and watched humpback whales from a cruise boat. Great trip.

Getty Museum
April 2004
A week in Los Angeles. Visited Santa Monica and Venice, then drove down to Huntington Beach, and watched some surfing. On the return trip spent the day at the Getty Center in Malibu. Lots of artwork and great views of the city, too.

July 2004
Spent the week of July 4th in Maui. My camera was stolen with some really nice shots of the island. A curse on whoever took it.
August 2004
Planning a trip to Wyoming next month. Hope to look for a future retirment house there. Plane, hotel and car reservations have all been made.

September 2004
Cancelled the Wyoming trip.
TransAmerica Building
October 2004
A week-long work conference in San Francisco. Stayed in Chinatown next to the TransAmerica pyramid. The hotel had a rooftop pool and a nice view of Coit Tower from the room. Strolled through Little Italy, rode the ferry boat across San Francisco Bay to Sausalito.

Also bought a new surfboard this month and tried it out in Santa Cruz.

December 18, 2004
Bought a new camcorder and drove to Yosemite National Park for some footage from the top of the falls.

Jacksonville Zoo
December 24 - 31, 2004
Jacksonville, Florida for New Year's with my brother. Visited Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville Zoo, and Jacksonville Beach. Also got to see my brother's new house and meet his dogs, Lucky and Savy.

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