April 2003
A drive to Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway.

May 2003
My first trip to Hawaii. I toured Pearl Harbor, took a surfing lesson, hiked through a rainforest, watched a hula show, drove around the island and saw the Banzai Pipeline and the North Shore.

June 2003
A trip down to Monterey for a bike ride along the coastal bike path.

July 2003
A trip to Los Angeles for a weekend. Rode the Venice Beach bike path and drove up to the Hollywood sign to get some pictures.

August 2003
Weekends in Santa Cruz. Bought a surfboard, trying to use the lesson I had in Waikiki.

November 2003
A bike ride across the San Francisco Bay Trail from Larkspur to San Francisco.
December 2003
A second trip to Hawaii...

...and a weekend in Yosemite National Park.
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