2004 - 2006

My current board is a SurfTech 7'6" epoxy hybrid. It has a nice feel and handles well in a variety of surf. I bought it new from O'Neill's in February 2006 for around $800.

My previous board, A 10' Boardworks Hanson 50/50, bought from Palm Surf Shop in Santa Cruz, in February 2005 . The shop owner was making room for new inventory, so he sold me this one at half-off the retail price of $700. This was a great learning board. 10 feet long and made of lightweight epoxy and glass, it was extremely durable and lots of fun to ride. Very easy to stand on for a straight-away ride, not the easiest turner, but could catch the smallest of waves, which is great for a beginner.

My first board, a 10-footer shaped and signed by native Californian, Hawaiian transplant, Jeff Timpone. I picked this up from a guy in Capitola for $300 when I happened to pass his house on the way down to the beach. Cool Hawai'ian graphics, thin design. But Hard to catch smaller waves, which is why I eventually resold it.

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