Santa Cruz, California

August 23, 2003

Santa Cruz is synonymous with surf, sand and sun. A great place for learning to surf, playing a round of beach volleyball, hiking along the coastal bluffs, or biking the coastal trail atop windswept cliffs that overlook the sea.

The Santa Cruz Wharf is a good place for seafood and has some nice gift shops, ice cream parlors, and candy stores.

Expensive real estate overlooks the bay on Cliff Drive.

Cowell Cove is a good place to learn surfing. Soft top rental boards and lessons are available from the beach.

Steamer Lane has a long history and is well-known among surfers for its big waves.

A statue in honor of surfer Wes Reed.

Cowell Cove is a good spot for beginners.

Lighthouse Point houses a small surfing museum which is open to the public seasonally.

Sea lions congregate on the rafters under the wharf to escape the cold water.

Some of my favorite scenery atop the rugged cliff edges along Cliff Drive.

A Santa Cruz sunset.


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