Grand Teton National Park

August 30 - 31, 2006

Grand Tetons
Jackson Lake

Grand Teton National Park was established by Congress in 1929. It encompasses about 310,000 acres of wilderness and contains nearly 200 miles of hiking trails.
Jackson Lake

The Grand Tetons
The mountains were named by a French trapper who called them tétons (French slang for "breasts"). They consist of a series of peaks created by a combination of geologic forces spanning millions of years. Tectonic shifts, earthquakes, volcanic activity, glaciers, and erosion have all contributed to the appearance of the peaks seen today.
Colter Bay

Part of the uniqueness of the Teton mountain range derives from the fact there are no foothills. The mountains extend sharply upward from a lake-covered base and rise rapidly to their peaks, some reaching more than 13,000 feet high. The result is a picturesque scene in which large blue lakes reflect the tall mountain peaks.
Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake
The Hayden Surveys of the 1870's officially named many of the area's landmarks. Jenny Lake was named for the wife of a guide of one such expedition in 1872.
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