OmniFi Digital Media Player (DMP-1)

May 5, 2005

The hard drive removes from the housing via motorized ejection and can be plugged into any computer via the included USB (2.0) cable. An optional wi-fi transfer capability is available. File transfers are fast and the included software allows for one-click synchronization with my home computer.

The new digital media player I installed in my car. It plays both .mp3 and .wma files, which I can upload from my computer via the USB port. I currently have about 3,000 songs loaded, with space for about twice that many.

The controller mounts in the dash and the 20 GB hard drive mounts under the passenger seat or in the trunk. The hard drive connects to the player, which connects to the car radio through RCA cables.

My old car radio didn't have RCA inputs, so I bought a new Blaupunkt radio that does have them. An alternative would have been to use an FM modulator to transmit the signal through the car antenna, but this would have reduced sound quality, so I opted for a new radio with built-in RCA jacks.

I got this online through Crutchfield for about $225 and installed it myself. Rockford Fosgate, the manufacturer, has a good reputation for high-end audio equipment. This is by far my favorite new electronic toy.

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