March 24 - 31, 2007

Waimea Bay
Like the rest of Oahu's North Shore, the waters of Waimea Bay are generally calm during the Summer months and good for swimming. Once the winter storms begin in the northern Pacific, however, huge open-ocean swells are pushed toward the islands and break with enormous size and ferocity, making Waimea Bay a dangerous place to swim in the winter months.

Rock jumping is a popular activity for locals and visitors to the beach.

Waimea Bay Beach Park
The water is generally calm here in the summertime and great for swimming. Winter swells can reach 30 - 50 feet, making the waves here some of the largest and most dangerous in the world.

The Bonzai Pipeline
The Bonzai Pipeline is one of the best known surfing spots in the world. Amateurs and professionals alike flock to this surfing "mecca" to witness the power and ferocity of these barreling tubes.

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