Oahu, Hawai'i

December 22 - 27, 2003

My second visit to Hawaii. Six days of hiking, swimming, surfing, and sightseeing, including a submarine ride.

The Los Angeles basin

Day 2: A hike to Maunawili Falls for a swim.

Day 1: A connecting flight from San Jose to Los Angeles International (look closely to see the Hollywood sign in the right, center of the picture), then a 5 hour flight to Honolulu International.

Maunawili Falls

Day 3: Circling the island by car, passing Chinaman's Hat and Crouching Lion, stopping at Hau'ula Beach Park for a swim. Then onward to hike the Hau'ula Loop Trail. Then a stop along the North Shore, returning to Waikiki in the evening.

The rental car at Hauula Beach Park.
Hauula Forest Reserve in the background.

Along the Windward coast.

Bonzai Pipeline, North Shore

Chinaman's Hat.

Hau'ula Loop Trail.

Shark's Cove

Day 4: Surfing Waikiki on Christmas Day.

Waikiki Beach

Day 5: Surf in the morning, submarine ride in the afternoon, hula show in the evening.

Atlantis Submarine

Close Quarters aboard the Sub

Decending at 59 feet.
(We eventually reached about 110 ft.)

Day 6: Downtown Honolulu in the morning, back to Waikiki for the last sunset before catching the overnight flight home.

Diamond Head

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Hula Show

The last sunset

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