Monterey, California

Coastal Bicycle Path

June 15, 2003

A scenic bikeway along the Monterey coast providing wonderful views of the sand dunes, marina, Fisherman's wharf, the sea lions, Cannery Row, and the coastal shoreline.

One of the first sights along the way is Fisherman's Wharf, with its many restaurants, shops, and whale watching boats.

Designated a Class 1 bikeway, the trail provides separate pathways for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, with minimal interruption from vehicle cross traffic.

Past the wharf looking back, the sea lions sun bathe on the rocks near the marina.

The terrific Monterey Sea Aquarium, also on Cannery Row.

Cannery Row, a thriving tourist area, was in the past a site of several major fishing operations. Many of the former canneries have been converted into modern retails shops.

The backpack and Trek bike.

Past Cannery Row, a herd of sea lions lies in a protected area.

A public beach....

Some of my favorite scenery along the shoreline south of Cannery Row.

Rugged scenery along the California coast.

....and the public park at Lover's Point.

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