Los Angeles, California

September 1 - 3, 2007

Malibu is a city in western Los Angeles County. Home to many famous Hollywood stars, it also contains many popular surf areas, like Surfrider, Zuma, and Point Dume. The Santa Monica Mountains to the east were host to many of Hollywood's "Western" films as well as the popular "Gidget" films of the 1950's and the television series "M.A.S.H." of the 1970's, among others.

Venice is a district in western Los Angeles founded in 1905 by a tobacco millionaire intent on creating a resort similar to its namesake in Italy.

Venice became a popular gathering place for bohemian counter-culture artists, beat poets, and writers during the late 1950's. Jim Morrison, lead singer and lyricist for the rock group, "The Doors," lived here during the mid-1960's.

Today, Venice is a vibrant and eclectic area, home to Muscle Beach Gym, basketball "street courts," and the well-known promenade that runs parallel to the beach.

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