Maui, Hawaii

La Perouse Bay

February 17, 2004

There are many good snorkelling areas in La Perouse Bay along the southern coast of Maui. This formerly "well-kept secret" is still more secluded and less crowded than other areas.

The trail is hard to spot from the road. It's marked by a red arrow spray-painted on the road. To the East, Mt. Haleakala looms over the horizon.

The path leads through a lava field resembling a Martian landscape. The field takes about 20 minutes to hike.

Nearing the end of the lava field, the blue waters of Maui's coast become visible. The secluded cove is remarkable for the clarity of its water.

Below the water's surface, a variety of exotic fishes teem within the "fishbowl." Below, after a refreshing snorkel in pristine waters, it's time to head back across the lava field for the return trip.

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